Antidrone System



The AVINYA RRF 5000 is a Antidrone System.

The Avinya RRF 5000, a cutting-edge anti-drone system, plays a pivotal role in electronic warfare and security operations. This advanced device excels at disrupting radio signals, thereby preventing unauthorized communications and thwarting remote-controlled explosive devices. In military and law enforcement applications, the Avinya RRF 5000 emerges as a crucial asset, offering a substantial advantage by neutralizing enemy communication systems and safeguarding sensitive areas, while also effectively countering drone threats.


Ergonomically designed for easy handling, enabling quick response in diverse settings.

Real-time drone detection capabilities, ensuring swift responses to potential threats by identifying nearby drones.

Benefit from in-depth situational awareness through our integrated RF detection and monitoring system, allowing for detailed analysis of drone communication frequencies and behavioral patterns.

Offers the capability of "soft kill" neutralisation, which disrupts the drone's operation without causing physical harm.

Thoughtfully crafted with the rigours of military operations in mind. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use and manoeuvrability in demanding field conditions.

Technical Specifications

RF Characteristics
Frequency Range 206,000 MHz
Frequency Setting Frequency bands: 400MHz, 900MHz, 2400MHz, 5800MHz
Frequency Accuracy Better than 0.25ppm
Accuracy 45°RMS
Detection range Up to 5 km at optimal environment conditions
Synthesizer Setting Time Better than 10ms
Oscillator Phase Noise -92dBc/Hz at 10KHZ offset
Receiver technology SDR (Software Define Radio)
Antenna input N-Type 50Ω
Antenna Technology 8 Vivaldi type for 2.4 & 5.8GHZ
8 M-Shape type for 400 & 900MHZ
Horizontal Coverage 360°
Vertical Coverage 30°
RF Attenuation 30dB
Sensitivity, Overall Noise Figure -120dBm, typ. 10 dB
Demodulation AM, FM, CW
Data Interface Ethernet and Serial RS232
Instantaneous Bandwidth 80MHZ
Gain Control 80 dB
Operating Temp -10 -+65°C
Humidity Up to 95%
Storage Temp. -40°C -+70°C
Degree of protection IP65
Dimensions (Diameter/Height) Radom 2 bands: Base diameter 506MM, Height 135mm
Random 4 bands: Base diameter 507 mm, Height 446mm
Total weight (excluding tripod) Radom 2 bands: 4.6Kg
Radom 4 bands: 6.7Kg
RF Characteristics
Total Output Power 205W
Internal Modulation FM Hoping Frequency & White Noise
Signal Source DDS
Jamming Range Upto 5km depending on LOS
Remote Control TCP/IP Protocol
Antenna Omni-Directional or Directional Antenna
Frequency Band UHF: 433-435 MHz-50W
ISM: 868-915 MHz-50W
GPSL1: 1575-1610 MHz-5W
Wi-fi 2.4: 2400-2483 MHz-100W
Wi-Fi5G: 5725-5875 MHz-50W
*Output power controlled by software and can be adjusted within 10dB: range(i.e. 5-50W, 0.5-5W)
Air Interface Standards Digital: ISM, GPS GNSS & WiFi
Physical Data
Dimensions 2 x 19" / 4U
Weight Approx. 60 Kg
Environment of Operation
Operating Temperature 2 x 19" / 4U
Humidity Upto 95%
Storage Temperature 40° C +70°C
Degree of protection Antennas: Ip65, Jamming Unit. Built to spec MIL-STD-810F
Power Supply 28VDC, 48VDC
Power Source Power Supply 110-220VAC