Telescopic Sight 4X/5X

AP37 / AP37-C

High-Performance Telescopic Sight with 4X/5X Optical Magnification


AP37 / AP37-C are Telescopic Sights.

AP37/AP37-C is a durable, lightweight telescopic sights with 4X/5X magnifications, it can be easily mounted on a weapon and is capable of engaging targets at great distances.



It contain optical magni-fication range of 4X/5X.

Field of View

It gives 4.5 degree Field of view.

Glass Reticle

It includes Etched Glass Reticle.


It gives a parallax free vision upto 500m.


It weigh less than 500 grams.

Technical Specifications

Specifications AP37/AP37-C
Optical Magnification 4X/5X
Field of View 4.5°
White light transmission 80%
Exit Pupil Diameter 8mm
Diopter Adjustment -3D to +2D
Parallax Parallax Free up to 500m
Reticle Pattern MIL STD 1913
Single Human Target Range ≥ 500m
Specifications AP37/AP37-C
Battery CR 2032
Operational hours ≥ 100 hours
Length ≤ 160mm
Weight ≤ 500 grams
Colour Non Reflective Black
Environmental MIL STD 810-G
Service Life 10 years