II Tube Base Sight


Night Vision Binocular with adaptable enough to function in various lighting and weather conditions


The PNVB is a Night Vision Binocular.

The PNVB is a binocular device designed to enhance night vision by enabling picture visualisation in low-light conditions.


II Tube

It is equipped with Gen-2 Image Intensifier Tubes.

Lens System

A F1.2, 25.8mm lens system is used.


The binocular has rubber winged eye cups.


It is a lightweight, 400 g night vision binocular, making it very convenient to carry.

Type of Attachment

This binocular can be used with a head mount or hands-free.

Technical Specifications

Specifications PNVB
Type II Tube Based Night Vision Device
Magnification (Options) 1X/3X/4X/5X/6X
Lens Glass
Focus Range 0.25 m to infinity
IIT (Options) Gen II and Gen III
Resolution (Ip/mm) 43-52 (Gen II) 64-72 (Gen III)
Field of View (deg) 40°
Specifications PNVB
Focal Length 25mm
Diopter +5 / -5
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 149 x 121 x 51
Weight 400g
Battery Type (v) CR123A (1)
Environmental Standard MIL STD 810G
Operating Temperature -50°C to +60°C