Long Range PTZ Camera


Long range surveillance camera.


The VIRAJ C-LR is a Long Range Camera

Introducing our cutting-edge Long Range Surveillance Camera, Viraj C-LR, equipped with a cooled sensor, day camera, and optional Laser Range Finder (LRF). Capture detailed imagery even in low-light conditions, with an impressive 20 km range at night. Features include exceptional target clarity, advanced image stabilisation, real-time data transmission, rugged weather-resistant construction, and adaptable LRF integration for precision aiming.


Cooled sensor technology for enhanced image quality.

Day camera for optimal performance in daylight.

Optional Laser Range Finder (LRF) for accurate distance measurements.

Advanced image stabilisation for clear viewing in various conditions.

Rugged and weather-resistant design for reliable outdoor use.

Technical Specifications

Type 1/2.8" Color CMOS
Number of Pixels 1945 x 1097, Full HD 1080p
Resolution More than 1,000 TVL (Center)
Lens 10-330mm, continuous optical zoom
Optical Zoom X33
Type InSb FPA
Resolution 640 x 512
Detector Elements Pitch 15μm
Lens 15-330mm, F/4.0, Continuous Zoom x 22
FOV (H) WFOV:35°/NFOV: 1.7° (±10%)
Detection (D) Up to 11.6km (Human Target), 18.1km (NATO Target)
Recognition Up to 3.6km (Human Target), 7.5km (NATO Target)
Identification Up to 1.7km (Human Target), 4.2km (NATO Target)
Angular Range (Pan) n x 360°, Continuous Rotation
Angular Range (Tilt) +90° to -70°
Angular Velocity (Pan) Up to 30°/Sec
Angular Velocity (Tilt) Up to 8°/Sec
Position Accuracy ±0.1°
Repeatability ±0.1°
Reporting Resolution 0.01°
Maximum Payload Weight 20Kg on each side shelf. 10kg on top side shelf.
LRF Option
Range 20 km
Pulse Repetition 10 pps
TRACKER - Option
Tracker Video Tracker
Locking on Target Capability Yes, manually by the operator
Video Output PAL/NTSC (Thermal Camera), HD-SDI (Day Camera) or H264 over IP
Communication RS-422 or IP
Power 12/24 VDC (nominal)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Environmental Compliance IP66, designed to meet MIL-STD 461E and MIL-STD 810F