II Tube Base Sight


Night Vision Monocular with adaptable enough to function in various lighting and weather conditions


The PNVM is a Night Vision Monocular.

The PNVM is a monocular device designed specifically for night vision applications, enabling users to visualise pictures in extreme low light conditions.



It has an IR indicator and a low battery indicator.

Field of View

It provides a field of view upto 10 degree with error of 1 degree.


The device eye relief is upto 24mm.

II Tube

It is equipped with Gen-2 Image Intensifier Tubes.

Type of Attachment

This binocular can be used with a head mount or hands-free.

Technical Specifications

Eletro-Mechanical Characteristics
Weight 900 grams (+/-50 grams)
Power Source CR 123A
Operating Time More than 15 hours
Start up time < 1 sec
Dimensions 250 x 75 x 130
Ingress Protection IP 67
Low Battery and IR Indicator Yes
Operating Temperature -40° to +50°C
High Light Cut off Yes
Packaging Hard Case
Imaging Characteristics
Image Intensifier Tube Gen II / III
Resolution 64 IP/mm
SNR 22
Magnification 1X - 6X
Field of View 10 Degree +/- 1 Degree
Range of Focus 5 m to infinity
Interpupillary Distance Yes, 55-71 mm
Eye Relief 24mm
Diopter +2 to -5D
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 144 x 69 x 63
Focal Length 25 mm
Environmental STD MIL STD 810G